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 Private Piano Lessons in Maryland

Where do you give piano lessons?


I give private piano lessons throughout the Baltimore area, including parts of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard counties as well as some parts of Baltimore city.  Communities include Columbia, Linthicum, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Harmans, Pasadena, Laurel, Crofton, Severn, Severna Park, Arnold, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, and neighboring locations.  Due to high demand, I am currently in the process of hiring additional music professionals and am expanding into Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania. 


All lessons are given in your own home where I believe maximum results can be achieved.  I have taught piano in traditional music schools, but have found that piano students are more easily distracted by other music students.


How often should I take piano lessons?


How often a piano student takes piano lessons varies considerably- depending on individual goals, motivation, and interests.  On average, the average piano student takes piano lessons once per week.  I never recommend taking lessons less than twice per month and generally encourage the idea of taking lessons as often as possible.  In addition, I recommend the student practice on their own daily. 



Do you teach piano to beginners?


Of course!!  Actually, many new piano student who approach me are beginners and they are a rewarding group to teach how to play the piano since they often quickly advance to higher levels.  I really enjoy working with different levels (and ages) of piano students from different backgrounds.  This is very rewarding to me.    


Do I need my own piano?


Yes, since all lessons are given in your own home you do need your own piano.  Keep in mind that you don't have to have an overly expensive piano since just about any piano that is tuned will do just fine..


If I would rather take online lessons, do you offer them?


Unfortunately not; however, I recommend you visit hearandplay.com for online lessons.  I also reccomend AllPianos.com as an additional piano directory and information resource.


If I don't have a piano, can I learn on a keyboard?


While it is possible to learn on a keyboard, I do not recommend it for the long-term.  Keyboards can be advantageous since they are less expensive than a piano, they cannot really duplicate the complex sound and feel of a piano.  Tuned pianos are highly responsive to the pianist's touch and allow the musician to intimately express theirselves through their music.    


Am I too old to take piano lessons?


As long as you want to learn I truly believe you are never too old to take piano lessons.  Playing the piano has even been find to sooth minor arthritic conditions.  Don't worry, if you need to get up to stretch every few minutes I will stretch with you!


Is my child too young to take piano lessons?

Again, as long as there is a desire to learn I don't think you can ever bee too young to start taking piano lessons.  In fact, younger students often find it easier to learn the basics and often go on to reach expert levels.  However, it is imperative that the children's parent/s be supportive and engaged in the process. 




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